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Mass Production Order

Empty Mini Shell

Production of empty mini creampuff shell. Holes on the creampuffs are to be made manually when piping in.  Minimum order 1 batch of 1000pcs. Delivery in 3 working days or earlier. Outer deco , dipping and choc dressing are to be done separately.  Product deliver in frozen condition. Expiry in 30 days. Diameter 4cm per creampuffs.


To make order, please do click on the respective ORDER NOW button.

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Creampuffs Varieties

We provide these varieties of creampuffs from classic vanilla to cookies and cream to milk chocolate and many more choices. Our creampuffs sizes are of mini with diameter of 4cm each puffs. Creampuffs comes in a box of 25pcs , mix and match options available from 3 flavours per box to 5 flavours per box. To purchase only creampuffs, you may click on the order now button below and delivered in 3 working days. Made to order production. Click on the order button now and delivered in 3 working days or lesser. Check on our available dates , time on the order page.


Product Ingredients

Basic creampuffs ingredients includes :


- Premium Refined Flour

- Fine Sugar

- Sea Salt

- Vanilla Pods

- Vanilla Extract (Halal)

- Sugar Powder

- Dark Chocolate Converture

- Semi Dark Choc Converture

- White Choc Compound


All of the ingredients used above are from permissible sources and rest assured that produces are halal and do not have any meat.

HELLOHALAL catalogue

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Box 1: Creampuffs (5 Varieties) 25pcs

Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Milk Choc, Dark Choc, Custard.


Box 2: Creampuffs (3 Varieties) 25pcs

Cream Cheese, Tiramisu, White Choc.


Click to order creampuffs sampler set. Each order consist of 2 boxes each containing 25pcs per box. Box 1 contains 5 varieties and Box 2 contains 3 varieties. See content below:

Creampuffs Sampler


inc delivery.


You can order as many as you can limited to only one delivery location per order.

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delivery in 3 working days



delivery in 3 working days

min 1000pcs

Cream FIlling Bag

Production of cream fillings.  Minimum order of 3 bags per flavour. Delivery in 3 working days or earlier. Product deliver in chilled condition. Expiry 30 days. Per bag able to pipe in 90- 100 creampuffs.

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min 3 bag


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Semi-Complete Product

Production of cream puffs and fillings.  Minimum order of 1000pcs per flavour. Delivery in 3 working days or earlier. Product deliver in frozen condition. Expiry 30 days. Shell deco , dipping, glazing are to be done separately and does not come with mass production order request.



min 1000pcs

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online purchase ready

online purchase ready

online purchase ready

delivery in 3 working days

delivery in 3 working days

online purchase ready

Product Liability Terms & Conditions: Under mass production order, products will be delivered in a standard factory packaging. Empty mini shell & Semi complete product will be packed in a box , wrapped and delivered immediately after production. Proper storage and proper handling methods are to be adhered strictly by customer. Petitfour Express shall not bare any responsibilities for any inproper storage, improper handling and improper piping which may cause damages to empty shell.